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SHUDEPB Using help

    It is confirmed that as the following definition, the boldfaced words with quotation mark is an integrated operation menu which is based on your language definition, it perhaps makes different in language but makes the Simplified Chinese standard at last.

 1.       Preparation

     The ShuDePB edition you own is the client with a three levels frame program, parts of key operations must be run by connecting to our site whose official web server is http://www.shuct.net/shudepb/ .

     You need to make sure your computer can visit our site through port 80. First please config your network connection in the program and config the additional proxy if necessary, otherwise, it will make Windows default setting.

    We assume that you have owned the basic knowledge of PB, it means basically ,at least, you are able to complete a "hello world". 

    The datawindow exports completely by dint of PB self taking, so you need to prepare several DLL that are corresponding editions of PB and put them in the suited subdirectory. You may refer to the supporting files list.

 2.       Menu->File  

 a. Type of file

    The type of file used by the program is  *.spb, which is a text-file, just including a library list of PBD/DLL/EXE/PKD (short for PBD as follows, PKD is file type of PocketBuilder) which instructs where the program can search the PBD file of PB. PBD must be sorted in the file list ( considered to be a *.PBT file over PB8.0 in the rough and refer to the following text about the way of arrangement) , if both two PBD files fore-and-aft include a window named  W_MAIN and the program need to use the W_MAIN in process of de compilation, the related decompiling information will consider the first one searched in the library to be standard, the rule of which is consistent with the global function "setlibrarylist()" of PB.


b.       Add PB-files

    Generally, the PB program begins with EXE as entrance, please first "Menu->File->Load Exe File", if it is compiled by PB, it will show an  icon (PB5.0 is ,PB6.0 is ,PB7.0 is ,PB8.0 is ,PB9.0 is ,PB10.0-PB10.02 is ,PB10.5 is ,PB11 is  ,PocketBuilder2 is ), at this time , Shudepb can get the correct information and import other related PBD automatically. If it is compiled by else languages, it will show an  icon, and shudepb is not going to get its correct information.


    The information you get is just a library list produced when the programmer compile this EXE . Generally speaking, depending on the grade of the project, the project team, habit of programmer or the project framework, it will add the PBD of additional programmer or project, at this time, you need to "Menu->Edit->Global Search", the global function "SetLibraryList" (refer to the following text), in order to get the full librarylist. And then,"Menu->File->Add PB file"or"Menu->File->Set LibraryList" ( Attention: the library list must be sorted)


c.       Decompile

    Under the PBD , there will be several items and the program will search the original super according to the inherited relationship, maybe they are Application, datawindow, window and so on, if the icon showed contains , it means lacking of PBD files in your library list resulting in that the program can not find the super layer upon layer. In this situation, the code decompiled is usually incomplete, assuming that itís w_test (w_child),you need to "Menu->Edit->Global Search", the global function "SetLibraryList()",you need the basic knowledge of PB to analysis the parameter of this function) or search the PBD/EXE/DLL file including letter "w_child" by using the windows explorer, then add it to the library list. If not found, you can make sure that the object w_child isnít needed in the running process of the PB-exe and the object w_child donít exit in the release version, we can ignore it. (You may need to ask about the method from the programmer who compiled the project unless they have dealt with it specially, we just know some simple methods of them but obviously not the all).

     Double clicked an object (see the following text about the exporting way of *.bin\picture\datawindow) ,the program will decompile it (there is length restriction for the demo edition, in addition,  the answer of decompile may make different because of the options of the following specifications), you can check its code and click it, after"Menu->File->Export" make it to be *.sr* file, then import ( this is the operation in PB IDE, it exist in the menu when right clicked a PBL in the prevalent PB IDE) and enter PBL ,  you also can click an object PBD exporting them completely.


    The *.bin file is the information of the OLE/OCX object used in the process of the PB exploitation, which will export while exporting the related files, and itís no need to deal with it separately ( Demo edition didnít supply this function)


    The demo edition doesnít support the export of Picture file, you can also use other free pb-decompiler with strong function and free supplied by internet.


    The decompile of datawindow use the function which is belong to PB. Formal version, please save the whole PBD as PBL directly. Demo edition or under other reasons, choose the datawindow option, "Menu->File->DataWindow To Pbl


d.       Save as PBL

    Select a PBD item, "Menu->File->Save as PBL" can save directly, attention please, the demo edition didnít supply this function. Because of the need of the reading habit, shudepb make additional sort for the function of a object and event list, there is no new operation again when export, PBL exported appears error mostly when show order in PB IDE, you need to "PB IDE->Menu->Window->Library Painter" , "PB IDE->Menu->Design->Migrate", or regenerate them ( Refer to the PB entrance lesson if you need)

e. DataWindow To Pbl

    For Demo edition only, Menu "Save as PBL" included this function.

f. Export DW ( For PocketBuilder )

    This menu will export datawindow from a PKD file to *.srd file.  

3.       Menu edit

 a.       Search / Goto

Only correspond to the object pitched on currently, about the method referring to "Windows->Start->Program->Notepad".

b.       Global search

You can search the containing words in the current PBD file list and double click the result found then skip it directly. Attention, a code sentence will be found based on it must have been calculated. The conceivable approach of calculation is "Menu->File->Export" to "Menu->File->Save as PBL" , double click and show an object, "Menu->Edit->Expand Selected Item", "Menu->Edit->Expand All Item"


c.     Expand Selected Item, Menu->Edit->Expand All Item

Calculate all the items chose and their child items once , so that you can "Menu->Edit->Global Search". Attention, based on the grade of the current project, it will cost different time, for example, it may cost you dozens of minutes for a big project over 100M.


d.     Collapse All Item, Collapse Selected Item

In order to make the using interface in order, collapse the items and it will not make the operation result disappear.

 4.       Tools menu

 a.       Select language.

    Select your language.

     The programmer authorize you to translate the menu, button and text, but should be based on the original meaning. Meanwhile, this right just is limited in INI file not included the use of permission and copyright statement.

     You can modify your menu language or accelerator and set up your own language by handwork in the "shudepb.ini", but the section must begin with "Language_" and the sentences which need to use will be read-in tolerant English if they have not been translated.

     If modify the language item you need to restart shudepb in order to change the menu text.

b.Try to repair pbl

    Dozens of persons attaint his pbl when operate it (delete some object from a pbl /save a object to a pbl) .This menu try to repair the bad pbl.

    Select a pbl in shudepb->select this menu and input a new pbl name,shudepb will try to repair it.


b.       WebServer

     Please use the default web server and we will notify the spare server address to the user of formal edition when necessary. Please fill in the related information if you need the proxy different from the global settings proxy of Windows.


c.       else menus

    The code which had been decompiled makes your reading more convenience according to your habit by using this function. 

Supporting files list


they need the follow DLL list










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