Shudepb PB反编译专家长时间以来,为业内同类软件事实上的唯一选择.细节,彰显专业.态度,决定品质.

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pb decompiler Ultimate Guestbook Version scholars&ct=clnk-4 免费开源代码 开发,分享 - CodeForge.cn 首页 联系我们 登录 / 注册 RSS Language/语言: --> CodeForge.cn 源代码开发与分享 分享到: C--> C/C++ C# Java VB Matlab PHP ASP Python Perl Ruby Delphi JavaScript Objective-C Pascal Fortran --> --> Sponsored links 最新源码 模型 predective lineair #include < stddef.h > / * NULL * / #include"mpc.h" / * FIXME: 这是一个肮脏的修复程序 HOR_MXCONSTRS 零长度数组问题的 * / STATE_CONSTR #ifdef #define NO_MXCONSTR 0 #else #define NO_MXCONSTR 1 #endif / * 静态函数声明 * / 静态 void inc_ref_ctl_solve_prob... 算法 C++ opencl dct 此算法有很好的表现。有人想要研究 opencl 使用这将会非常简单。与该应用程序有很多的命令。输入-h 以显示所有的命令。例如,-t 是打印的时间它成本。— — 设备 gpu 是选择 gpu 为执行设备。内核是非常简单易懂。我们可以使... 算法 C++ DirectShow编程技术资料 DirectShow编程技术资料,word主要关于directshow的基础知识,在这个知识的基础上可以做图象处理,视频处理。是图像处理和模式识别的必备基础知识。。 ... 图像处理 C++ imageresection colinarity 方程空间切除 作者: 巴沙尔 Alsadik-特文特大学-国贸中心-2010年 %% %%基于课程书"解析摄影测量"-2009年 %% %%在巴格达大学-工程学院-测量部。%% %% input:... Matlab Matlab OpenGL MUST Project 1[Polyline Editor] use linked list of C++ #include <D:\Homework\OpenGL\Project1\GLUT 3.7\glut.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include "point.h" /*draw line from the line array*/ void drawPointLine() { Node * temp; for (int i=0;i<Arraysize;i++) { ... OpenGL图像 C++ Wavelet pseudo spectral method in wave % MATLAB function to initialize and call the solve_sps2d % function, which implements a 2-D solution of % the nonlinear wave equation using a psuedospectral % / staggered A-B method, including attenuation modeled % with two relaxation mechanisms. % % This example demonstrates harmonic genera... Matlab Matlab 3. Analog-to-Digital conVersions using Vcc as a voltage reference Ultimately, my goal with this chip is to sample some voltages and then relay that information to a computer (via the UART, which we now have running) and an LCD display. Now that the chip can talk to a computer we can start experimenting with the analog-to-digital converter. For experim... C# C 地图Mapctrl 地图库,采用MapInfo,接口简单,功能强大,支持多种操作,支持c语言调用,或者采用C++调用,已经过测试,动态或静态调用均可。... Windows开发 C++ RaspberryPi RTC 与 ioctl 控制 (I2C) M41T8X 此程序读和写上 raspberrypi (raspbian) 通过 I2C 总线的实时时钟。该设备是为汤臣一品脑脊液 M41T8X 设备。它使用 '真正' 的 ioctl 命令,还可以设置 lsystem 时钟 (hwclock 相同的功能)。它是与 T41M82 RTC 芯片测试。如果您使用系统读取 RTC... Linux编程 C StudentInformationProject 学生信息系统帮助学生,如果他们有任何问题,然后讨论与那里的朋友和老师讨论您的主题。这一项目还提供了一些有关学生和教师的酷信息... Web浏览器 PHP BusyBox combines tiny Versions of many common UNIX utilities Please see the LICENSE file for details on copying and usage. Please refer to the INSTALL file for instructions on how to build. What is busybox: BusyBox combines tiny Versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides minimalist repl... Web网页开发 C++ Empirical orthogonal function (PCA) estimation for EEG time series This source contains the empirical orthogonal functional analysis (EOF) calculation for an individual or population of EEG power spectrum multivariate time series. The zip file contains several Versions of the code useful for different contexts, including code that returns only the first EOF versus... Matlab Matlab This is a 3D visualization of how the Expectation Maximization algorithm learns a Gaussian Mixture Model for 3-dimensional data. Traditional single particle reconstruction methods use either the Fourier or the delta function basis to represent the particle density map. We propose a more flexible algorithm that adaptively chooses the basis based on the data. Because the basis adapts to the data, the reconstruction resolu... 图形图像 C bisectionn c <<ok>> character*1 answer real a,b,p,tol print*, 'the function is',' f=x**3-x**2-4*x-3' 5 print*, 'please enter a,b,tol' read*, a,b,tol if (f(a).eq.0) print*, 'one of the root is ',a if (f(b).eq.0) print*, 'one of the root is ',b if (f(a)*f(b).gt.0.0) print*,'no root... for Fortran 与卷动 Picturebox 此示例演示如何将滚动条添加到 picturebox 在 VB6 中。 这是另一种方法对 pozitioning 图片 ! 更多和更多的方式要移动图像! 一些模式都比这更加简单易行 !... Windows开发 VB 中国矢量电子地图shshape格式用于GIS二次开发地图,如MapObjects,MapX等二次开发地图~ 中国矢量电子地图shshape格式用于GIS二次开发地图,如MapObjects,MapX等二次开发地图~... 地理信息系统 Visual C++ canny edge detector The Canny edge detector is an edge detection operator that uses a multi-stage algorithm to detect a wide range of edges in images. It was developed by John F. Canny in 1986. Canny also produced a computational theory of edge detection explaining why... 算法 C++ 站内信源码-Action部分 “站内信”是为方便会员商务信件往来而设的服务功能,类似于邮箱,主要由收件箱、发件箱、草稿箱和垃圾箱四部分组成,但该功能仅对网站的注册会员开放。 “站内信”不同于电子邮件,电子邮件通过专门的邮件服务... Web网页开发 Java Inlellectual 温度传感器 现今智能传感器技术是监测的外观已经闻到呼吸的医疗代哪捡到的触笔,连接时,以各种情绪和呼吸不会学习了大量的和使用注意到下一个人的呼吸状态和真正更改。 1.呼吸医学治疗和显示器外观和智能传感器技术 (见图 1... 嵌入式芯片 C A Picture box fader Title: [ A Picture box fader ] Description: (please vote and give feedback) this will fade a pictures box colors from one to the next. verry fast code less than 1 second. 100% my own code,pure vb no API. works great for the title of forms. look at my other submission at withch ... 图形图像 VB PreviousFirst 1234567... 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